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EAS art by KED

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you do it?
It's amazing! There are these two knobs. One goes vertical and the other goes horizontal.... Actually, I have learned that my mind can think of the line and my hands just do what they need to do all on their own.

Can you draw, like on paper?
Yes. It's actually in my blood. My grandfather was a sign painter by trade. That's before fancy print shops could make business signs for you. My father had artistic skills and now that has been passed on to me.

How do you preserve or save your Etches?
Once I have completed my drawing, I used to drill holes in the base and drain out as much of the aluminum powder that I can. Only recently have I started to completely disassemble the Etch A sketch® to wipe out the powder completely, as well as remove the drawing mechanism.

How does an Etch A Sketch® work?
Turning the knobs will move the stylus around, causing a line to be created. That much you already know. What is actually happening is the stylus is scraping away the aluminum powder that is stuck to the glass. The line created is actually a clear space, with a view of the back plastic of the Etch A Sketch®. Turning it over and shaking it causes the powder to refill those lines you have drawn.

See the image below for a completely disassembled Etch A Sketch®.

How long does it take you to finish a drawing?
That will depend on the detail of the drawing. Since I have been asked this question so often, I have included the times each drawing took in my Gallery.

What if you make a mistake?
I have made many mistakes in my Etch career. I have one of two options. 1. Start over or 2. Distract the mistake with other business near by.

How many Etch A Sketches® do you have?
In the early years, I would only take pictures of my early drawings. I would say I currently have a collection around twenty or thirty.

How do you ship them to people?
Since I have started fully disassembling them, they are completely safe to ship anywhere!